Green Shoppers Rejoice! The Wait for EcoMom is Finally Over…Well Almost!

green shoppers love chinese herbs conditioner

One of my favorite hair products that I found on EcoMom.

Hear ye, hear ye…calling all green shoppers. You heard me right, folks! The long awaited re-launch of Ecomom is finally coming to an end. So glad my favorite green retailer is reopening just in time for me to replenish my supply of Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs hair products.

And now the countdown is on! And we green shoppers don’t have long to wait. Ecomom relaunches in just 3 short days…count ‘em…three!

EcoMom is going to have some “hot deals“to celebrate their reopening.┬áHere’s a sneak peek…$5 off orders of $50 for new customers and FREE SHIPPING off of orders over $49 among others.


I’ve found some of my all time favorite green products on EcoMom. It had become my go-to place for green shopping and the best part was that EcoMom vetted their products before stocking them and had categories telling customers why they were considered “green”. Sure makes shopping easy for busy green mamas.

EcoMom was also famous for their killer deals! They continually offered vouchers for green shoppers on coupons sites like PlumDistrict. Just a tip…if you see one, snag it. It’s a good deal….really good. And if you find more than one, snag ‘em both…trust me on this one. You’ll be glad you did.

Eco-friendly, green shopping can be tough. It’s hard to know what is worth your time and money and it takes time to research great products that are healthy for you and non-harmful to the environment. And while oftentimes going green can actually be a cheaper option if you know the tricks of the trade, other things are more expensive, such as my favorite conditioner. EcoMom took care of both of those problems for us…great deals, great products. I have high hopes that it will be as wonderful a company as it used to be.

I’ll give you more info on June 17…opening day! Green shoppers, unite!

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