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A few years ago when I had my first baby, I began thinking more about the things my family put in our bodies, the materials that we encountered and the environment around us.

When you have a tiny little one that’s yours to cherish and protect, it ups your level of accountability all around…and I realized that we had been living ignorantly in some important areas.

I used to look at people concerned with the environment and healthy living and think that they were either way too uptight or total hippies. Call me uptight or a hippie, but now I’m one of those people and I’m not turning back!

Thus began my quest to “green up” our lives. Since then, I have gotten a LOT of questions from friends and family about going green. It’s a process and it takes time, a willingness to learn and an adjustment period, but it’s well worth it! I’m learning to green up my life…and loving it!

I’m glad you stopped by and leave me a note on topics you’d love to see on here or ways that you’ve greened up your life that you’d love to share with us.

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