SPOONK Organic Hemp Acupressure Mat {Eco-Product Review}

My own husband thought I was plain crazy when I bought this organic hemp acupressure mat. He thought my green/eco-friendly/non-GMO/organic loving self had finally gone off the deep end. The Spoonk organic acupressure mat is one of my all time favorite things. It took me several months to convince my husband to try it out, but after watching how much I loved using it every day and how relaxed I felt, he finally gave in. Now we both enjoy unwinding together at the end of the day by laying on the acupressure mat.

Why I Love My Organic Hemp Acupressure Mat?

So many reasons! For starters, it’s made with “clean materials”, such as 100% organic hemp and cotton and an eco-friendly plant-based foam. I don’t worry about relaxing on a sea of toxic chemicals while I try my best to unwind and de-stress.

The Spoonk organic hemp acupressure mat is supposed to relieve tension and stress, help you sleep better, improve circulation and boost your energy, among other things. Although I have a hard time measuring my increased circulation, I have definitely seen an improvement of the other benefits by using my organic acupressure mat.

Probably the biggest benefit I’ve seen is in the area of decreasing muscle tension and pain relief. I’m prone to carrying all my tension in my neck and shoulders and I often get painful tension headaches. My organic hemp acupressure mat is my go-to solution whenever possible as a first line of defense. After about 30 minutes of lying on my mat, my headache is usually gone and I’m in a much higher state of relaxation.

I’ve also notices that I sleep much better on the nights that I use my mat before bed. Plus, it’s just peaceful and relaxing to use!

It’s a rare day that I leave my organic hemp acupressure mat at home when leaving town. I recommend it to everyone I meet. We actually own, not one, but two Spoonk organic hemp acupressure mats if that tells you anything. My husband just had to have his own after falling in love with mine.

The Spoonk organic hemp acupressure mats come in a variety of colors and you can find them with a carrying case for ease of portability. A must for traveling!

The Downsides to the Spoonk Organic Hemp Acupressure Mat 

No review is complete without discussing the negative aspects of a product. As you can probably tell by most of this review, I don’t have many to report.

The price is a little steep, especially if you’ve never tried it and don’t see this as a “must have” item. They occasionally go on sale on random websites, but generally the price on Amazon is the lowest I see. I wish the cost was cheaper, but for the benefits that it gives you – pretty much the same benefits of getting a massage – I think the price is worth it. It’s hard to find a great massage for under $60, so I look at it as the poor mans massager…I can use this everyday and enjoy many of the same important health benefits as an expensive Swedish massage, which unfortunately I can NOT do every day.

I also will say that there is a bit of an adjustment required to use this mat. You have to get used to a bunch of little tiny poky things sticking into you. It’s a little weird the first time…and the second…but you soon get used to it. I started with a few minutes the first day and kept increasing my time on the mat once I got used to the new sensation. It really is very relaxing…promise!

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