#7 – Coconut Oil Lotion {10 Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil}

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most effective, such as using coconut oil lotion for intense skin benefits. Did you know that coconut oil makes a really lovely stand in for regular lotion and in fact has WAY more benefits?

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil Lotion…There are SO many, but here are a few:

  • Antiviral – Yes! Coconut oil eliminates or inhibits growth of viruses
  • Exfoliates – Coconut oil is a natural exfoliant for your skin. It works by removing dead skin cells.
  • Moisturizes – Coconut oil moisturizes skin by absorbing deeply into the skin. It provides healing moisture, not just a superficial coating.
  • Anti-aging – Again, you read that correctly! Coconut oil DOES help with wrinkles due to its vitamin E content. I am here to tell you that I’ve noticed a difference in my 30-something self after using coconut oil lotion over the past couple years.
  • Baby soft skin – Using coconut oil lotion results in baby soft skin. It’s awesome!
  • Sunscreen – Coconut oil has an SPF of 4 naturally and makes a great light layer of sunscreen for short outings. I’ve used it on myself and my kids all summer. We’ve used it anytime we’ve been outside (even swimming) for less than an hour and a half and we’ve had fantastic results. No burns, gorgeous tans all around!
  • Healing – Coconut oil heals the skin and is known for its many restorative properties.
  • Babies – This is a great alternative to baby lotion after a baby’s bath time and massages easily into the skin.

Here are My Two Favorite Brands of Coconut Oil for Lotion

As when using coconut oil for anything, you want to find one that you’d be willing to eat. Extra-virgin and organic is the way to go when shopping for coconut oil. Here are my 2  faves:


Using Coconut Oil for Radiant Skin

This is a really fun tip! Spread a thin layer of coconut oil on your legs, arms, and chest in the summertime and you’ll notice a very subtle, but beautiful glow on your skin. Make sure to give it a little time to absorb into your skin…10 minutes should do the trick and you’ll soon have radiant, healthy looking skin.


#4 Coconut Oil Eye Makeup Remover {10 Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil}

Remember that thick white greasy eye makeup remover your mom used to use every night? Well, coconut oil eye makeup remover is nothing like that!
One of the biggest chores of my day is removing makeup. I hate it so much that many days I opt not to put makeup on in the first place just so I don’t have to take it off again! But I do love the look of a good mascara. (Lotus is my fave).
Let’s face it, when you’ve been up with kids all night and are completely exhausted, sometimes your eyes need that little perk just so people don’t stare at you pitifully and say, “Oh honey. You look so tired!” So on those days where eye makeup is a must, coconut oil eye makeup remover is also a must!

coconut oil eye makeup remover

How To Use Coconut Oil Eye Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is such an easy way to remove built up eye makeup and condition the eyes at the same time.
  1. Simply glob some coconut oil on your eyelids and gently rub it around to dislodge built up eye makeup. (You can put it on solid and the heat of your skin will melt it easily, so there’s no need to heat it up if the coconut oil is at a solid state.)
  2.  Gently wipe off with a soft cloth – preferably an organic cotton washcloth, but any soft cloth will do.  You’ll be amazed at how much dirt, grime, and makeup comes off so quickly!
  3. For really thick makeup, you may have to repeat a second time.

Tips on Using Coconut Oil as Eye Makeup Remover

Remember, never put something ON your body that you wouldn’t put IN it! Always opt for high quality organic coconut oil, such as Omega Nutrition.
You can buy organic baby wash cloths (like these) or organic cotton cloth baby wipes (like this pack of 12) that work perfectly for this. Or you can purchase some really soft organic cotton fabric and cut it up yourself to make your own washrags. Any of these options do double duty for face washing with the oil cleansing method (OCM).
Another tip is to give yourself time to get used to using coconut oil for your eye makeup remover. It does feel a little funny at first, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it. Especially when you see how quickly it removes eye makeup without feeling harsh or abrasive.

#3: Coconut Oil Diaper Ointment for Babies {10 Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil}

You may be surprised to hear that coconut oil diaper ointment is a great non-toxic diaper cream substitute. It’s hard to find non-toxic diaper creams that work well and that you feel good about putting on your baby, but coconut oil does the trick. Best of all, if your baby eats it, you don’t have to rush to the emergency room!*
Of course, you’ll want to keep a special container of coconut oil set aside for your diaper ointment. Again, just because you cook with it too doesn’t mean it should come out of the same jar! 🙂
You can be keep coconut oil diaper ointment in baby’s room or in the fridge. I prefer to use it at a cooler, solid state so it’s less messy to apply and more like the consistency of a regular diaper ointment. It melts quickly when it touches skin, so it’s very easy to apply when solid.

How to Use Coconut Oil Diaper Ointment

  1. Simply put coconut on affected area just as you would a regular diaper cream or ointment.
  2. Apply early. For best results, apply coconut oil diaper ointment at the very first sign of a problem.
  3. Apply liberally! Use a bunch…don’t be shy. Slather it on in a thick layer for best results. Since it’s completely pure and natural, you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals, toxins or dyes touching your little one’s skin.
  4. Apply often! Since coconut oil easily absorbs in the skin and isn’t a barrier product like traditional diaper creams, you’ll want to apply it often.
  5. Optional: Add a couple drops of therapeutic grade essential oils. Be really careful here to only use pure and unadulterated essential oils, such as Young Living. Not all essential oils are created equal and it’s not worth putting something of low quality on your baby. If in doubt, leave it out! If you decide to add them, lavender, roman chamomile or tea tree (melaleuca) are excellent options that are all great skin conditioners and generally considered safe for babies.** Always keep products with essential oils in a dark colored glass jar.

Other Tips for Using Coconut Oil Diaper Ointment

  • One of our children was prone to yeast infections as a baby. After taking her to the doctor for the first couple infections, we learned to spot them early on and treat them with coconut oil at the first sign of a problem. When we caught them early enough, coconut oil took care of the issue and we avoided a costly doctors visits.
  • Use non-toxic, chlorine-free diapers to significantly cut down on diaper rashes. Years ago, we made the switch to non-toxic diapers (cloth and disposable) and noticed a huge decrease in diaper rashes. Honest brand is my very favorite disposable (and adorable to boot!), with Earth’s Best a close second.
  • It’s also a great idea to bathe your children in salt baths or baking soda baths when there is a problem for faster results. Apply coconut oil diaper cream to a clean and dry behind after the bath. (Also, if possible, let baby have a little diaper free time after the bath to get extra dry before putting diaper back on.)
*Applies to plain coconut oil diaper ointment. Please use appropriate caution if you opt to add essential oils. Even high quality, safe for adults to ingest, essential oils often to not apply to infants or young children, so know your products and keep out of reach of children if essential oils are added!
**I’m not a doctor or an expert, just a mom passionate about all things green who loves to share what I learn. You are responsible for your family…my blog is not medical advice of any kind, it is a compilation of my experience and antidotes  Also, when I discuss essential oils on my blog, I am primarily talking about Young Living essential oils. There are very few brands I would consider safe enough for babies.

#2 – Coconut Oil Deodorant…it Really Works! {10 Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil}

Coconut oil deodorant?!? Yes, you did read it correctly…you can use coconut oil in place of deodorant! I’ve heard mixed results about this, but it’s been working for me for about 7 months now. Summer’s fast approaching, so I’ll update this at some point and let you know if I’m able to use my coconut oil deodorant during the summer with the same great results or not.

How to Use Coconut Oil Deodorant

  1. For women, I recommend making sure armpits are clean and well-shaved.
  2. Then apply a liberal, but thin layer of coconut oil, just as you would regular deodorant – but rub it in a little more. It absorbs into the skin quickly if rubbed in, but takes longer if you don’t rub it in. I find it easiest to apply when the coconut oil is at a solid state.
  3. To be safe, give yourself time for those pits to dry before putting your shirt on to avoid an oil stain…maybe 5-10 minutes. (I tend to be impatient and usually wait 1-2 minutes and have not had a problem with staining.)

Tips on Natural Coconut Oil Deodorant

  • Please, please, please keep the coconut oil you designate for deodorant separate from the coconut oil you use for cooking! 🙂 Need I say more?
  • As with any product, never put something on your body that you wouldn’t eat. So opt for high quality, organic coconut oil, like Omega.
  • You can get great little glass jars like this one, on Amazon or repurpose an old glass jar of some sort for your deodorant. If you’re adding essential oils, make sure to use a dark colored glass jar to keep the integrity of the essential oils.
  • Add essential oils for extra odor protection or for a lovely smell. Lavender, tea tree (melaleuca), frankincense or roman chamomile are fantastic options. However, always use super high quality (therapeutic grade) essential oils. The coconut oil will need to be at room temp (liquid) in order to mix in the essential oils and you only need a few drops. Use a glass stirring rod, like the one below, or improvise with a stainless steel utensil or straw.

Note on Using Coconut Oil  Deodorant

Quick note about using coconut oil for as a natural deodorant. Coconut oil is not an anti-persperant, so it will not keep you from sweating. I recommend trying it on a colder month so you can get an idea if it works for you as a deodorant and see how you like using it. I first tried in on a rather strenuous and much too hot week in September…and I was surprisingly pleased with the results….not to mention that my pits were buttery soft and had less razor burn. It does however take some getting used to not using traditional deodorant with a built in antiperspirant.
To be honest I expected coconut oil deodorant to NOT work, but found that it has worked better than any natural option that I’ve tried. Even after a round at the gym, I smelled fine.
But do know, that coconut oil as deodorant may not work for everyone and it does take time to pull away and adjust to a lifetime of using conventional deodorants.

#1 – Coconut Oil Face Cream {10 Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil}

Coconut oil face cream? Yup! Forget everything you’ve ever heard about oil clogging your pores and giving you zits…Not so with coconut oil as face cream. I liberally slather my coconut oil face cream on my face at night and wake up to a very noticeably softer, smoother, and more even toned complexion. This is my new favorite way to use coconut oil as a beauty product…you can buy it at the grocery store or online and coconut oil face cream is greener than just about any face moisturizer you can find!

Why I Started Using Coconut Oil Face Cream

I usually use the oil-cleansing method to clean my face (with great results), but had been on the run for a few weeks and had gotten lazy about keeping up with it. My diet had also been a reflection of my on-the-go schedule and I had consumed a lot more sugar than normal. As a result, I had some big, painful under the surface zits and a bunch of tiny bumps, both of which I do not normally have.
I was a little nervous to try coconut oil on my face like that, but thought that it couldn’t get much worse. I LITERALLY noticed a huge difference overnight after using coconut oil face cream…the tiny bumps all over my face had decreased by at least 50% and my face was much smoother, in only one night. The under surface zits also went down some. I was an instant believer in coconut oil for face cream and now apply it nightly with great results.  I love how fresh my skin looks and feels when I wake up in the morning. The coconut oil makes it feel nourished and healthy as opposed to dry and old feeling.

Directions for Using Coconut Oil Face Cream:

  1. Wash your face and hands first.
  2. Then liberally apply pure, organic coconut oil all over your face and neck, including carefully applying around the eyes. (I lightly apply it right over my eyelids and under my eyes!) Unlike other night creams, it won’t burn if it gets in your eyes.
  3. It’s a good idea to put on a head band of some kind so the coconut oil face cream doesn’t get in your hair. Just for a few minutes until the coconut oil absorbs into your skin.
  4. Do this 30 minutes before going to bed so it has time to soak into your face before sleep.
Disclaimer: Omega Nutrition is the brand of coconut oil I usually use and it is unscented. I’ve also tried organic scented varieties with great results! Also, keep in mind that we are all unique individuals, so what might work on me might not work on you.
*Photo courtesy of “umstwit” on Flikr.

10 Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil…Coming Up!

I sometimes play this little game with myself where I try to decide what 5 products I would pick if I could only have 5 products forever. I can never quite decide on my exact 5, but one thing is for sure…Coconut oil is on the list no matter what! There are so many easy ways to use coconut oil…and many do not revolve around cooking.

10 Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil

There Are Many Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil

It’s just so incredibly versatile in so many areas of being a “greenie”, (as I’ve come to view myself over the years). Honestly, greenie or not, coconut oil is just darn good for just about anything!
Almost daily, I use coconut oil for something that someone in my life has never thought to use it for and I wanted to share some ideas on ways to use coconut oil with everyone. Coconut oil can be used from everything from cooking, to your beauty regime, to cleaning.
I just love having 1 product that serves so many purposes and it’s more than just an option for each of these purposes, it actually works really well!
Here’s the kind of coconut oil I use most often…it is especially good in baking because it is unscented. I love the 7 pound tub because it lasts a good long while and is much cheaper than buying a bunch of the little jars normally found at grocery stores. However, I also love the scented extra virgin organic varieties found at high end groceries stores. Both work equally well.
So for the next 10 posts, we’ll talk about 10 easy ways to use coconut oil…with a new use each and every post. Get excited to fall in love with coconut oil!
Note: I’m sorry for my extended absence. I haven’t abandoned my blog…just had an extraordinarily crazy few months where I had to put everything on a brief hiatus. Ok…now on to the fun stuff…coconut oil…get excited for tomorrow! 
Question: What’s your favorite use for coconut oil? Leave a comment on the blog. Maybe it will make the list!
*Photo courtesy of “umstwit” on Flikr.

Natural & Organic Beauty Products on Triple Sale!

Trilogy Triple Savings

I’ve just recently found a store, called Beautorium, that only sells all natural, certified organic beauty products. I’m thankful that there’s a company out there with higher standards for what they tell women to put on their bodies!

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I can’t wait to try the bestselling Trilogy Rose Hip oil. It’s supposed to be great for stretch marks and wrinkles…2 things I could use some help with…couldn’t everyone over the age of 30, right?

I try to do things as naturally and organically as possible in my house. I’ve recently started using olive oil as my face wash (with great results.) But there are some things that you can’t grab out of your pantry and for that I’ve got my eye on Beautorium products. I have no idea how to make my own nail polish, nor do I have the time or desire to figure it out. I’ve also got on my “wish list” 2 other Beautorium product lines, “Hopscotch Kids” and “Scotch Naturals”…both non-toxic brands of nail polish. Have you tried either of these products? Which would you recommend?

(*Note that the sale this week is only for the Trilogy brand.)


3 Great New Ways to Detoxify Your Life with Olive Oil

I’ve always had a “thing” for olive oil. Call it a fascination with an ancient crop, a love for such a versatile kitchen ingredient, but I’ve always loved it! Now I have 3 brand new reasons to love my favorite kitchen staple. In the past few months, I’ve been using olive oil as a non-toxic stainless steel cleaner, a non-toxic furniture polish, and I’ve been using olive oil to clean my face with the oil cleansing method.

1) Use olive oil as a non-toxic stainless steel cleaner. That’s right, just use an old cloth (I use cut up old t-shirts) and rub it on stainless steel appliances in a circular motion. I recently used olive oil as a non-toxic stainless steel cleaner on my coffee maker and I was actually amazed to notice how sparkly clean my coffee maker was every time I walked in the kitchen.

Image Credit

2) Olive oil can also be used as a non-toxic furniture polish. It’s SO simple! I’ve been looking for a non-toxic furniture polish for a while now with no luck and finally tried this with great results. Here’s how to make your own non-toxic furniture polish. Simply mix one part fresh squeezed lemon juice (preferably from an organic lemon) with 3 parts olive oil. I like to mix only what I need at a time in a small bowl. Again, I use old cloths like old t-shirts to apply my homemade furniture polish. Ex: 1 tbsp lemon juice and 3 tbsp olive oil.

Did you know? The best olive oil for cooking comes from Crete, Greece. Look for extra virgin, cold pressed organic olive oil. The greener the olive oil, the better it will taste!

3) You can also use olive oil as an all natural facial cleanser. I was a little skeptical at this one but it works wonders. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now with great results! I expected breakouts or for my face to feel greasy afterwards, but it leaves my face feeling squeaky clean, softer and I think it even has a glow afterwards. You can use straight up olive oil (which I’ve been doing) or you can mix it with other non-toxic oils to make a custom non-toxic face cleanser for your own skin care needs. For some great info and tips on the oil cleansing method, check out this post on the Mommypotamus blog. For an occasional exfoliator, add a little bit of baking soda to your olive oil. (*Note: I keep a small amount of olive oil in a squeeze bottle in my shower and use it just like normal face soap — at the end of my shower so my pores are open. The only difference is that it takes a bit longer to get it off. I rinse first and then use a very soft washcloth to wipe away the excess.)

So what kind of olive oil should you get for these things? You don’t need much for any of the above 3 uses. I use the same olive oil that I use for cooking. After all, I want the least amount of toxicity in the air in my home and on my body as I do in my body.
Know of other non-toxic uses for olive oil? Leave a comment and let us know!