Natural & Organic Beauty Products on Triple Sale!

Trilogy Triple Savings

I’ve just recently found a store, called Beautorium, that only sells all natural, certified organic beauty products. I’m thankful that there’s a company out there with higher standards for what they tell women to put on their bodies!

They have some terrific brands and very stringent qualifications for what brands they carry. I wish I had discovered Beautorium years ago! They’ve got an amazing sale going on right now on Trilogy products…$20 off with purchase of the Trilogy Anniversary Collection PLUS 15% off all Trilogy products AND a free gift when you spend over $75. The Trilogy Age Proof Radiance Collection is the free gift. Sale ends April 1st.

Three ways to SAVE on Trilogy Today..!

I can’t wait to try the bestselling Trilogy Rose Hip oil. It’s supposed to be great for stretch marks and wrinkles…2 things I could use some help with…couldn’t everyone over the age of 30, right?

I try to do things as naturally and organically as possible in my house. I’ve recently started using olive oil as my face wash (with great results.) But there are some things that you can’t grab out of your pantry and for that I’ve got my eye on Beautorium products. I have no idea how to make my own nail polish, nor do I have the time or desire to figure it out. I’ve also got on my “wish list” 2 other Beautorium product lines, “Hopscotch Kids” and “Scotch Naturals”…both non-toxic brands of nail polish. Have you tried either of these products? Which would you recommend?

(*Note that the sale this week is only for the Trilogy brand.)