Eco Product Review: GoBites Healthy Snacks

One of the things I love doing is reviewing products. Since I’m always trying new things anyway and I love learning about the latest and greatest, most efficient, most effective, and especially the most healthy and green options out there, I decided that I’m going to start posting “Eco-product reviews” more frequently to help others make better choices. We all have limited finances and want to use them wisely, so hopefully these will help another sister (or brother) out.

First up…GoBites healthy snacks! I found this FANTASTIC company through a deal on PlumDistrict and it was one of those deals that was a no-brainer to try out. Basically, GoBites is a company that offers healthy, mostly organic snacks in 1-portion sized containers on a monthly subscription program.

It’s pretty cool. You can customize the healthy snacks you receive based on your preferences and dietary and allergy restrictions. They give you a quick survey and then pick the snacks they think you’ll like best to start with, but you have the freedom to mix and match and change things up however you like. I was impressed though…they picked exactly what I would have picked and I chose not to change anything. 

My thoughts? Well, the snacks are REALLY delicious! They are healthy, nutritious, balanced, and mostly organic, so they are snacks I can really get behind and feel good about feeding my family. I love it!

Would I continue my GoBite subscription each month? That’s a tough one…with unlimited finances, yes, for sure. The price is a little higher than I would like on a limited budget, but it is reasonable. Each snack box ends up being $1.99. So when I compare that to what I’d pay for say an energy bar, then it seems pretty good. Total cost is $27.86 for 14 boxes and that’s the shipped price…you don’t pay extra for shipping.

So I feel like it’s an overall good value for the money, especially given that healthy snack options are few and far in between…especially ones that taste delicious and require limited time on your part. So GoBites fits the bill in all these areas for people on the go who want better options.

My overall thoughts: I feel like the value of the product is pretty decent for what you get….not to mention the convenience is really up there. You get pre-portioned out healthy snacks that you can feel great about eating and they come with built in variety so you don’t get bored. I love it!

  • Value is pretty good for a really awesome product and shipping is included…very nice.
  • Convenience is through the roof! Quick shipping (mine shipped out the next day) and handy pre-packaged individual portions in cute little boxes.
  • You can customize your subscription however you like, cancel it, resume it again or have a one-time delivery with the click of a button.
  • Healthy snack options, organic, tasty…win, win, win!

And yes, I would consider keeping up my subscription each month. Right now, I’ll probably stick with the occasional one-time delivery that you can do. This would be perfect for summer snacks…to throw in a bag when you’re heading to the beach or the pool, or also perfect for a road trip. So next time we’re heading on a road trip, I’ll definitely make sure to order a box. They are pretty handy to have on hand for those snack time emergencies.

My favorites so far are: Mayan Treasure, Path to Tibet, Chocolate Monkey, Apricot Gluten Free Granola and Jack of All Fruits. (I love the names!)

Negatives? I’m still looking for them. I’ve gone through half of my box and so far I’ve loved every GoBite variety that I’ve tried, but if that changes, I’ll be sure to update it here. So far, everything I’ve experienced is positive. (UPDATE: I’ve now finished the entire box and I daily miss having a GoBites snack to grab when I’m getting the hungries. I’m pretty seriously considering keeping my subscription up each month. Especially now that I’ve been pricing healthy snacks at WholeFoods…this is not a bad deal at all!)

Want to check it out for yourself? Here is the website: and keep an eye on PlumDistrict…you never know when they’ll repeat a sale and you can try them at a discount.