I just got some CRAZY new shoes…Pluggz grounding shoes!

I just got a new pair of shoes…and not just any shoes…they are GROUNDING shoes by Pluggz! I’m really excited about them. Partly because I really want grounding shoes to work…like really. But I am a bit skeptical too. After all, they are just shoes, right?

I’ve been learning more about “Earthing” (also known as “grounding”) lately. I’m in the middle of the book, “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” When I finish the book, I’ll review my findings here, but so far it is a fascinating read and it makes a whole lot of sense…which brings me back to why I wanted to get some grounding shoes, like Pluggz.

Actually, I didn’t even know about Pluggz grounding shoes until I happened to see them for sale on one of my favorite websites (Zulily). But I did want to try to ground more. (Grounding or earthing is the practice of connecting your body to the earth so that the earth’s natural energy can flow through your body, which is really good for you and has all kinds of great benefits). I don’t know if I would have bought the Pluggz at full price, but as they happened to be on sale, I needed new shoes AND (this is a huge plus for me) they happened to be REALLY cute, I was sold. I ended up getting two pairs for me and one for a gift, the Pluggz ballet flats and the Pluggz flip flops.

Here are the Pluggz ballet flats in black
(they come in several colors)

pluggz ballet flats - black

I waited and waited for my Pluggz earthing shoes to come in and as soon as they did I started wearing them non-stop. It’s too soon to tell (not been quite a week), but here’s what I’ve noticed so far after wearing my grounding shoes for several days in a row.

First of all, the ballet flats are really cute and look like a lot like other trendy ballet shoes on the market. They are also SUPER comfy…more so than I would have thought. I wore the flats for 9 HOURS the first day…standing the whole time! No problems at all. Then I wore them the next day as well. By the second day I did have a couple small rub marks on the tops of my feet. They didn’t really hurt and they didn’t blister, but I did switch to the Pluggz flip flops the next day to give the tops of my feet a little break. I think I had this problem because my shoes are a little big. I need to put one of those padded heel things in the back and then I think I won’t have this problem.

As for the “plug” in the bottom of the shoe, I was very surprised at how little you even notice it. If anything, it feels like you’re always having a little massage party on the bottom of your feet. It’s kind of wonderful! Maybe it might bother some people, but it has not bothered me at all.

So what does the “plug” do? The plug is the circular thing you see on the bottom of the shoe. It’s made of carbon and rubber and it acts as a conduit allowing your feet to “connect” with the free electrons in the earth. The earths’s free electrons, when in contact with our bodies, neutralize harmful free radicals in our bodies that cause inflammation and wreak havoc. Thus wearing grounding shoes (or earthing shoes), like Pluggz, helps to reduce inflammation in your body.

My sister also tried the Pluggz ballet flats on and they didn’t bother her at all either and after walking around in mine for a bit, she wants some for herself. (She doesn’t care about the grounding bit, she just thinks they are really cute and comfy.)

As for the Pluggz flip flops? They have a nice arch support and I’d say they are close to on par comfort wise with Reefs.

Here are the flip flops

pluggz flip flops - womens, black

Ok, so here’s the strange part. After 3 full days of wearing my Pluggz (2 days wearing the grounding shoes and 1 day wearing the Pluggz flip flops), I remarked to my husband that I had been feeling extraordinarily calm…and I mean REALLY extraordinarily calm. Over the course of a weekend, I counted about 15 different occasions (15!) where I may have been prone to feeling frustrated about something (like someone cutting me off on the road when I had the right of way, etc) and I was COMPLETELY unruffled…as in didn’t care one teeny little bit! We’ve been in a really stressful season of life, so lately things have been getting to me a little more than they probably should. But over and over again, nothing bothered me. It was a GREAT feeling. Is it related to the shoes or did I just have a really good weekend? Honestly, I don’t know…but I do think it’s an unusual coincidence and one I’m going to continue to monitor.

I’ve also had a mild ongoing cold/allergies for a while and I think my breathing was slightly more open after the first night of wearing my new earthing shoes. I say “think” because it could all be in my head. But I did happen to notice this multiple times randomly when I wasn’t thinking about it at all and was not looking for this to happen. So those are a couple other “unusual” observations I noticed after wearing my grounding shoes.

Price-wise? Well, it depends on your perspective. Since I got mine on sale so I feel pretty good about what I paid. If these were regular shoes, I would say that they are overpriced, although the quality is really good. However, since Pluggz grounding shoes are NOT regular shoes and IF these earthing shoes truly live up to their claim and really positively affect your health and well being then they are worth every penny even at full price.

Overall thoughts? So far, I really (and I mean REALLY) love these Pluggz grounding shoes! It has only been a week, but if in a few weeks I still love them as much, I will definitely be getting a couple more pairs so I have some more color choices and can wear my Pluggz more. I have no complaints at all at this point…not one that I can think of at all…and I’m not shy about voicing the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m really glad I saw these. I had been wanting to try some grounding shoes for a while, but I had only found one other brand and it didn’t get great reviews and also they were not cute at all.

I also just found out that Pluggz has a mens grounding flip flop so those may be under the Christmas tree for my husband this year. He keeps joking with me that I’m “grounded”…maybe I’ll “ground him” too. :) (Shhh, don’t tell!)  I’ll keep you posted, but so far I think these earthing shoes are legit. I’ll be continuing to wear both my pairs and will post again in several weeks to see if I continue to see unusual things after wearing my grounded shoes.

NOTE: If you’re interested, you can read more on the Pluggz website about how Pluggz work or more about earthing/grounding in the earthing book, which is sold on Amazon.)