What Happened to EcoMom.com?

Update on 3/18/13: I just checked EcoMom again, as I do every few days in hopes that maybe…just maybe…they might come back, and the notice on their website has changed. There is an option for people interested in acquiring the company. If you know anyone…

It is with a sad heart that I share the news that my very favorite company to purchase green, non-toxic and organic baby/kid/parenting products has shut its doors….EcoMom.com.

For those of you who have ever shopped on EcoMom, you know what I mean. EcoMom had a strong commitment to bringing families the best product out there and they did all the research for us, so we knew we could trust the items they hand-picked for their store. They had parent reviews, a ratings system for how products “made the cut” and why they were considered non-toxic.

If you’ve never shopped on EcoMom, you missed out on a truly fantastic site and one that will be SORELY missed in the parenting sector. Every couple days I hopefully check the site that maybe it was all in my head…but no, EcoMom has shut its doors.

For those of you who want to read more, here’s an article with some in-depth information on what happened to EcoMom and why. I can only hope another company will catch the vision that EcoMom started. What an inroads they made for green parents everywhere…and what a resource they were…EcoMom…I miss you already!